Who We Are

Today, ethical fashion is on the rise. Yet we feel that models are not considered part of the brands’ overall supply chain. To make this connection, Ethical Models was founded by an ethical model, Kiko.
We are an ethical platform based in Europe that connects sustainable brands and clients with models who share their ethical values. We believe that by selecting models based on their values rather than just “looks”, brands and models can use both their voices for positive change.
By selecting models this way, we can also prevent serious issues we face in the industry such as sexual harassment, assault, trafficking, eating disorders, and mental illness. We are so much more than a platform. We are committed to protecting our models’ rights as well as our planet, human and animal rights in fashion. We make sure to align our business strategy with SDGs goals. We are taking action now.

What makes an Ethical Model?

We aim to represent all kinds of models: shapes, sizes, colours, ages, and disabilities. An ‘Ethical Model’ is someone with ethical beliefs and values and who wishes to make the world a better place through their work, activism, social media, and other platforms.

Our Values

At Ethical Models, we aim to work with brands and clients that are making the world a better place. We love brands that are socially good, animal cruelty-free, and planet-friendly.