Marie is a a peace studies student and has always put human rights activism and fight for freedom and equality at the center of her… Read More »Marie


“I’m completely natural, wear my hair natural, don’t wear any makeup unless it’s for special occasions or modelling. I’m completely confident in who I am… Read More »Maphefo


Nadège is a 22-year-old student looking to combine her passion with her personal philosophy of life. She has recently grown more confident with being in… Read More »Nadège


Miyu is a vegan model based in Tokyo. She has spent most of my life in Japan but she has also lived in China and… Read More »Miyu


I have always believed in making the most out of everything in life, especially the products we consume on the daily. I believe that using… Read More »Bianca


Meroni believes in Love. She believes in the real power of Love. For her, Love is about human beings, things, empty space, and nature. “Love… Read More »Meroni


Rosalyne was born of vegetarian parents and tending to veganism was logical and natural continuity for her. Love is her main answer. She is an… Read More »Rosalyne


Seline left her old agency as they were not open neither supportive to the fact that I she wanted to work and support sustainable brands… Read More »Seline


Justine stands for those particular ethical value because she can relate to them in a way. Not only is she a strong believer in gender… Read More »Justine


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Alexandria is Canadian, she has been modelling for 7 years and proudly represents self love. On many occasions she’s been told that she isn’t tall… Read More »Alexandria