Anthony is a man who be thirsty for live, to explore all dimensions of oneself. He likes to adapt to new situations, create, discover. He loves art that touches souls of individuals and reveals them. He is curious about the world and people, also playful, passionate, dynamic.. He has worked for a long time in the renovation of ancient monuments, so he has a lot of respect for crafts. It is important for him to surprise himself, surprise others, and help people believe in them. “For me these ethical values restore nature, the central place she must have. This reconnects us with the essential and the notion of respect (of oneself, of matter, of others).
These values seem to me to be inspiring and necessary, even more so today. And I want to be an actor of that.”

Location: Toulouse, France
Instagram: @Anthony_roux_fratello
Height: 183
Bust: 109
Waist: 83
Hips: 94
Shoes: 46
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Beliefs: Climate conscious,Natural,Fair Trade,Women's empowerment,LGBT rights