Having struggled to find and reconcile my own identity has given me intimate experience with common struggles shared by marginalized and under-presented communities – be they Black, nonbinary, overweight, mentally ill, or any combination of identities. I have spent my life exploring the humanities in an effort to heal both myself and anyone else struggling to find a place in a world that wasn’t designed for us to flourish.
I hope to use ethical modeling as another way to model hope, compassion, and self-care for those who need it most and, all too often, receive the least.

Location: Portland
Instagram: @mx.dahliabelle
Height: 168
Bust: 97
Waist: 95
Hips: 100
Shoes: 44
Dress Size: 40
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black
Beliefs: Women's empowerment,LGBT rights,Gender equality,Self-love,Body positivity