Quentin was raised near Paris and they had all the love they could imagine from their parents. Yet, they struggled to be themselves because of the homophobic, transphobic, and judgemental environment where they developed many insecurities about their body and how to interact with people. When they moved to Orleans, they bloomed: they worked on their self-esteem and started becoming more open to people. Today, Quentin is an ethical model because “I am vegan for the animals and the planet. I also try to use less and less plastic every day. I believe that every ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation should be represented in the modeling world.”

Location: Olivet, France
Instagram: @kant1
Height: 182
Bust: 85
Waist: 71
Hips: 91
Shoes: 43
Dress Size: 8
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Beliefs: Vegan,Fair Trade,Cruelty-free,Non-toxic,LGBT rights