Marie is a a peace studies student and has always put human rights activism and fight for freedom and equality at the center of her activities. She has become more and more conscious about what she consumes and thus what she wears.
She believes what she buys should not harm anyone, whether humans or animals. Therefore, she choses to live as a vegan and to always chose low carbon alternatives.
She has also had hard times loving her body, having had multiple criticisms over how skinny she was as a child. “Today I love my body, and I wish everyone would look at themselves that way.”

Location: Paris
Instagram: @marsovillin
Height: 177
Bust: 81
Waist: 68
Hips: 92
Shoes: 41
Dress Size: 36
Eyes: Brown-green
Hair: Brown
Beliefs: Vegan, Cultery-free, Second-hand, Self-love, Body Positivety.