A’Tavia has worked in many industries in her life from modelling, food service, acting etc. She has always noticed two things. A lot of unnecessary waste, and a lack of love. “It’s exhausting and I decided to speak up on it. Too many people are hating the person they see in the mirror each day, too many animals are being killed, too many of us are buying only to throw it away a day later. If me, living compassionately, loving myself and loving others will inspire more people to do the same, then I’ve lived a great life.”

Location: Paris
Instagram: @ataviatatiana
Height: 178
Bust: 106
Waist: 91
Hips: 116
Shoes: 42
Dress Size: 44
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Beliefs: Vegan,Women's empowerment,Self-love,Body positivity,Low/ Zero waste