Dominique is not only an ethical model but also a public relations professional. She loves vintage ever since she went into her mothers closet, and she developed her vintage upcycled brand, Dominika Vintage.
She loves to discover and wear, unique treasures that are already there and no need to produce more.
Dominique chooses organic as her ethical value as she believes that if we’re producing something, it should be organic which means being kind to our bodies and to the world.
She also chooses circular economy as it’s the key to sustainable development.
She has been more into sustainable practices since one year ago. She had been consulting brands and events of any kind but she wanted to help build a better world from her small reality so she came closer to this area of practice and she loves fashion so she wants to go this way together!

Location: Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France
Instagram: @domilanger
Height: 174
Bust: 97
Waist: 71
Hips: 99
Shoes: 41
Dress Size: 36
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Beliefs: Circular economy,Upcycled,Vintage,Organic,Women's empowerment