Justine stands for those particular ethical value because she can relate to them in a way. Not only is she a strong believer in gender equality but because she also has struggled with body positivity in the past where it has really effected her mental health in a negative way, she truly values its importance and would never wishes this upon anyone. She also chose vegan and cruelty-free because she used to have a plant-based diet for a couple of years, but she is woking on being vegan for the planet and the animals. And her last option, vintage, because one of her favorite activities is to go thrift shopping since you can always find a cool vintage piece and give a second life to these clothes.

Location: Paris
Instagram: @juju_wam
Height: 170
Bust: 88
Waist: 66
Hips: 86
Shoes: 40
Dress Size: 38
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Beliefs: Gender equality,Vegan,Cruelty-free,Body positivity,Vintage