Katharina went vegan about six years ago, she realised that she can no longer make a difference between animals and “pets” and went vegan over night. Being vegan for her is so much more than not eating animal products. It is taking care of yourself and nourishing your own body with food that is still alive. Further, your consuming behaviours are changing.
She believes that it is important to ask ourselves “”Do we really need to buy clothes which are produced under the worst circumstances and do we really need to own so much stuff or isn’t happiness something that is coming from within?”
Today, she is an ethical model because “I love animals and I love our beautiful planet – being an ethical model is one way for me to protect both.”

Location: Berlin
Instagram: @katharina.minwegen
Height: 177
Bust: 83
Waist: 62
Hips: 91
Shoes: 40
Dress Size: 36
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Beliefs: Vegan,Climate conscious,Self-love,Organic,Minimalist