Rosalyne was born of vegetarian parents and tending to veganism was logical and natural continuity for her. Love is her main answer. She is an unconditional lover of life and nature. “Life is sacred to me. Any form of life is in my eyes a miracle.” Going towards veganism, ethics, sustainability and towards all that goes in the sense of respect for beings and nature, is simply a coherence with who she is, with her philosophical aspirations.
Creating a powerful link with all this life that surrounds her and be in harmony with it, allows her to develop herself on all levels, and makes her feel deeply happy.

Location: Paris
Height: 178
Bust: 85
Waist: 65
Hips: 94
Shoes: 41
Dress Size: 36
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Beliefs: Body positivity,Cruelty-free,Fair Trade,Women's empowerment,Climate conscious