Seline left her old agency as they were not open neither supportive to the fact that I she wanted to work and support sustainable brands and not being taken by another agency after sharing her values left her feeling sad. “Sad because I share my morals and values with them in wanting to support sustainable and ethical brands and being neglected for that.”
To me seeing agencies like Ethical Models is bringing up my hopes, seeing that there are agencies out there that want to change the industry.
I’m passionate about making a change in the fashion and modeling industry, being considered an “inbetweener” and hoping that one day girls like me will also be represented more alongside straight and curves.
We often see perfect women on catalogues with perfect bodies which leads to many young girls aiming at those standards, including myself back in the days. However I am so grateful for having healed through various practices like Meditation and Yoga and now being able, after finishing my Yoga Teacher Training this summer, to provide those spaces of healing for others.

Location: Frankfurt
Instagram: @selinegr
Height: 178
Bust: 83
Waist: 68
Hips: 98
Shoes: 41
Dress Size: 38
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Beliefs: Self-love,Vegan,Body positivity,Second hand,Vintage