Erin has recently got out of a 10 year emotionally abusive relationship and she feels reborn and wants to help women empower themselves. To know their value on their own. To believe in themselves. To discover all the power they have within. Because this is the journey she is on now and she has never been happier. With the current crisis as well she is starting to look at everything more holistically. She believes that we are all connected to one another and to everything. Charles Eisenstein is someone she really looks to for inspiration. He wrote a book “the more beautiful world our heart knows is possible” and it changed her life. “We all can feel it. We just have to listen, and practice, and be true to ourselves. I love modeling and beauty and knowledge. I want to be authentic and love myself first after all this time and this is where my path has led me.”

Location: Miami, FL
Instagram: @necterine_
Height: 177
Bust: 83
Waist: 63
Hips: 89
Shoes: 40
Dress Size: 38
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Beliefs: Climate conscious,Natural,Women's empowerment,Self-love,Minimalist